Benefits of Learning Self Defense for Women.

Mentally Stimulating

1. Training combines both physical and mental challenges which allows the person to become stronger in both areas. Unlike conventional weight training - Boxing/Jiu Jitsu/Muay Thai Classes keeps the client's mentally engaged, while also getting a great workout. Client's feel extremely rewarded when they start getting their technique on point with various combinations or drills that they've learned, along with seeing their weight loss progression. 

Muay Thai Training at Omni Movement. 

Muay Thai Training at Omni Movement. 


2. Knowing what to do during dangerous situations where you would need to defend yourself helps empower clients and makes them feel safer. Often times these scenarios can be prevented with situational awareness. After learning these skills, you can pass down the techniques to your loved ones. 

Women's Self Defense Seminar at Omni Movement.

Women's Self Defense Seminar at Omni Movement.

Self Confidence

3. Once you start seeing yourself accomplishing goals that you thought were once impossible your self confidence will begin to rise. A good Coach will also help push you to your limits without breaking you.  


4. Bring a friend or family member along to the class! Surround yourself with like minded individuals striving to get fit and learn self defense together. Join a fitness community that is supportive, passionate and determined. 

Increased Health

5. Exercising is known to help reduce stress and also improves your mood. Hitting pads, heavy bags and rolling in Jiu Jitsu is a tremendous workout that will leave you sweating every time. 


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