Level Up Your Training

Are you an Athlete looking to invest in his/her upcoming training camp and take it to the next level? We offer Olympic Level High Altitude Training with the Mountain Air Generator 20 (MAG-20), it is a portable device that uses only air and electricity to produce a stream of clean, low oxygen air. Connect the MAG to a breathing mask to power your workouts on a cycle trainer or treadmill. The MAG-20 can be adjusted from sea level to 20,000 feet (over 6000 meters).

When the human body is exposed to low oxygen air, it responds by making new red blood cells to increase oxygen delivery. More red blood cells in your body means more oxygen to your muscles when you need it, resulting in increased speed, endurance, and power. You reap the benefits regardless of whether you are performing at sea level or at high altitude.

When it comes to major competitions or fights - leave no stone unturned. Make cardio a weapon now and schedule your appointment below.