What We Offer

Omni Movement's mission is to be a top provider of health, fitness and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) needs in the East Bay area. We offer a variety of fitness training packages that combine MMA training and aspects of strength training for people of all ages and physical abilities. Omni Movement also offers services to manage amateur and professional MMA fighters by providing quality coaching, diet/nutrition planning, and media production to market clients.



We provide clients with unconventional training regiments in order to teach an effective movement and mobility system without the high risk of injury. 


Our clients are athletes and fitness enthusiasts who are looking to improve their functional strength, power, conditioning and agility using calisthenics, plyometrics, isokinetic training and more.

 train Like a Fighter

We offer a full-range of options (group & personal training classes) for learning new human movement skills and achieving your fitness goals in a unique training environment.