Are you interested in working in the human movement/fitness industry? Are you passionate about MMA? Omni Movement is a new MMA and athletic training center We are looking for ambitious, motivated and innovative personal trainers/MMA (Muay Thai, Submission Grappling, Wrestling) instructors who will be able to help members achieve their fitness goals. We are looking for individuals who are able to work in a cooperative and interactive environment. Required skills we are seeking include: experience designing exercise/movement programs for members of all levels, previous experience in efficiently instructing individual/group exercise classes, and strong customer service and sales skills. 

Other responsibilities for this position will cover different aspects of fitness training including: 
• Safe and effective training programs/methods.
• Monitoring client progress through consistent data collection.
• Understanding your role and duty as a member of the Omni Movement team. 
• From a sales and service perspective, candidates should be able to engage prospective members and properly convey the philosophy and beneficial reasons why they should acquire a membership or take a class.

We are also looking for individuals that would be involved in the process of creating social media content for a health/wellness YouTube channel and blog. If you consider yourself a passionate and charismatic individual, Omni Movement is able to provide the tools needed to help you to potentially become a successful YouTube fitness trainer. 

If you are interested in a personal training or MMA instructional position, please send your resume to in the following format:
• Your resume must be in a PDF or Microsoft Word document. 
• Include if you are currently in college/university majoring in Kinesiology, Exercise Science or any relevant health/fitness major. 
• Include if you are currently an active amateur or professional MMA fighter. 
• List the certifications you currently hold.