Frequently Asked Questions:


Gym Rules & Etiquette


Vehicle Towing: Building Management has a right to tow any unauthorized vehicles parked along the Dock Driveway.


Parents with Kids: Please control your child to not distract and obstruct the learning environment that is going on. We have chairs and tables in the Main Lobby area for you to wait in. Please be aware that we are surrounded by HEAVY exercise equipment that can potentially hurt your child - it is your responsibility for them not to touch them.  


Mat and Glove Hygiene: Sweating in Gloves and on the Mats can lead to deadly diseases (Staph Infection and Ringworm, etc). Please make sure to properly wash your skin after each training session.


Finger and Toenails: Make sure you have trimmed/cut your nails. They can often scratch or cut someone if not.


Water Hydration: Make sure to bring your own supply of water, we do not always have water in stock.

Facebook Updates: Follow us on Facebook to keep up with any last minute updates or changes in our Gym.

How do I find your facility?

We are located near the Richmond Marina at 1200 Harbour Way South, Suite 101, Richmond, CA 94804. Make your way towards the back parking lot to park your vehicle and proceed to walk up a small ramp towards the docking areas. We are located at the end on the left. 

How does your membership contract work?

Currently our membership contracts are month to month. You are automatically charged every month from your first start date. We require a 1 week early notification for cancellation. 

What does your Monthly Memberships Include?

They include 3 classes each week. We have classes morning, noon and night time frames from Monday - Saturday. You are able to join any of those classes that go on during those times.

Do you have any special promotions?

We have a 3 for 4 month special. You are charged upfront for 3 months worth of your membership and you get the 4th month for free. 

What's the age range for Kid's Classes?

Depending on how focused and willing the child is in listening to the Coach, we have had clients start since 4.5 years old. We usually start them from 6+.

How does Drop Ins work?

Drop In Passes allows you to take any classes available (room permitting) that day. So you could possibly take 2-3 classes in one day. Our 10 Pack Drop In package expires in 3 months.