Join a Kinesiologist owned & operated facility. Our trainers understand that no two bodies are alike and will work with you to get fit at the right pace.


Steven Han

Strength Training

Penn State B.S. in Kinesiology. Currently helping weekend warriors, amateur & professional athletes explore new levels of fitness with his sport specific approach utilizing a custom made plyometric strength machine and high altitude training. Steven emphasizes on results and proper technique/training protocol to avoid injury. During his time studying in Penn State, he was able to see firsthand how collegiate level teams in the highest Divisions train and operate. He wanted to implement these principles into his fitness facility where everyday people and athletes can come train in a fun ego-free and results oriented gym. He is currently working with his other Coaches on building the first generation of fighters to come out of Omni Movement Gym fighting out of Richmond, CA. 



Alejandro Diaz


Boxing & Fitness Instructor

Alejandro started his boxing journey by learning traditional Mexican style boxing. As he progressed, he wanted to learn and absorb different methods of training which allowed him to mix "new school" & "old school" techniques in his classes. Outside of boxing and training, Alejandro is currently pursuing a degree in Kinesiology - he believes the knowledge gained from his studies will directly benefit his clients. He also loves spending time with his family and enjoying the Bay Area. 



Steven Chao

Muay Thai
Professional Corner-man
Personal Training

Sharing his knowledge through years of Muay Thai training and from his travels to Thailand - Steven specializes in training competitive athletes. His dedication for the art of striking has enticed students and fighters alike to seek his tutelage. Ever since he was young, he had an interest for combat sports. As he grew older into his younger adult years, Steven tested his skills in the ring. Eventually he found his love for Coaching and helping others achieve their fight/fitness goals. One of his key beliefs that he has is to keep learning. Even as a Coach, Steven is following up on the latest training trends in striking. He compares watching the growth of a student like watching a seed turn into a flower - both experiences truly delight him. Heavily experienced in cornering and preparing athletes for fights, Steven's biggest goal is to help train and build a future MMA and Muay Thai World Champions. 

Dominique Williams


Personal Trainer

Growing up in the North Bay Dom was brought up in a community that was filled with Martial artist and service members. While following in his family footsteps he learn kajukenbo, boxing, muay thai, wrestling, 4 years as a squad leader and Filipino martial arts.  Through his  life experience he has become a very through personal trainer who values form over function.