Health Management Solutions

Our highly personalized and effective training model will provide your employees with dynamic workouts that are different from the standard casual gym. We are highly driven to provide programs that will increase the productivity of your employees. Taking our classes in the afternoon will provide clients with an endorphin rush through proper exercise. Some clients that come in feeling sluggish will leave more energized and ready to finish the day strong. We want to help optimize your organization's well being. 


2/3 Adults are Obese, Obese Employees incur approximately 42% higher medical care costs than employees of normal weight. Heart Disease is the leading cause of death for both Men and Women. 7 out of 10 adults don't get the recommended amount of weekly exercise. We can teach you our approach to health and fitness - one employee at a time. Along side what we normally provide our clients, discover our custom classes that is tailored to combat the negative health affects from the work place. 

Dynamic Stretch Class

Omni Movement presents Dynamic Stretch, a unique class that combines stretching, mobility, and stability. This class includes an innovative stretch program using body weight exercise as a mode of tension release.  Omni Movement has created an effective stretch program based on the latest exercise science.  The program is based around tension-release movement patterns that causes muscle relaxation and greater total body flexibility.  Sitting in a chair for prolonged periods of time will often cause tight hip flexors. This can cause a lot of issues if it's left unaddressed. Our certified wellness specialists and coaches will customize a program that fits your organization's needs. In addition, these effects increase lean strength, weight loss, and cardiovascular endurance in active participants.  Dynamic Stretch is a simple and effective program for all corporate wellness needs. The tension-release method incorporates dynamic movement patterns followed by static isometric holds. For example, flexing or tensing an arm followed by a static stretch. This invokes a muscle relaxation response which directly effects mobility of the joint.  According to exercise science, greater mobility in a joint effects its strength and flexibility.  Physical therapist also attest to the positive effect the tension-release method has on low back, neck, and shoulder pain. Because this method requires light physical exertion, participants gain a cardiovascular workout which helps with weight loss. Therefore, the tension-release method provides safe and effective exercise to increase health and wellness.


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) 

A complete fitness program, HIIT involves repeated bouts of intense effort followed by varied recovery time to keep the body guessing. Our program is designed by two Kinesiologists and includes aerobic exercise as well as strength training. This helps the client improve cardio-respiratory and muscular health - generally increasing their overall well-being. Classes are broken into 30-minutes of heart rate-based interval training. Clients work through a regular phase (about 71 to 83 per cent of their maximum heart rate), push phase (between 84 to 90 per cent of their MHR) and all-out phase (maximum effort at 84 to 100 per cent of your MHR). This is followed by 30-minutes of dynamic strength and functional training with equipment like kettlebells, medicine balls, body weight exercises and gymnastic rings.

Utilizing technology

The main goal is to ensure each client is reaching the proper heart rate zone. This is extremely important to making this type of training effective. Every client that takes this class will be attached to a heart rate monitor which syncs to the Trainer's phone/tablet which will display their current heart rate, caloric burn and also their maximum heart rate. This allows us to monitor your performance and make sure you're on track with the proper level of intensity/effort.